• Captured Impressions

    Captured Impressions

    Captured Impressions by Carol Gunn | The FMAAA Art Center welcomes accomplished artist and Bonaparte, Iowa native Carol Gunn to the Main Gallery for a month-long exhibition entitled Captured Impressions featuring pastel and new explorations in mixed media work. This exhibition is on view March 3 – 25, 2023.

  • Fragility and Impermanence

    Fragility and Impermanence

    Matter breaking down. Energy slowly disbursing. Initiating a recovery of energy and materials back into a life cycle we all share to be transformed and repurposed again and again.

  • James Walker Henry – Surrealist

    James Walker Henry – Surrealist

    Henry documents social and political issues through his paint and brush. He developed his own surrealistic style while attending Southeastern Community College, but his ability to create as an artist was his own and has been mainly self-taught. He believes his greatest influence was work by the painting master Salvador Dali. Henry states that he, […]