Hans Breder | Intermedia Retrospective

Hans Breder’s remarkable artistic accomplishments ripple on today with his art making its way into public spaces throughout Iowa and many of his former students successfully positioned in art departments carrying on his brave and spirited approach to art at universities across the Midwest. A successful artist, Breder moved from New York to make Iowa his home in the 1960’s, founding the Intermedia Program in the School of Art & Art History at the University of Iowa in 1968 directing it until his retirement as a F. Wendell Miller Distinguished Professor in 2000. His work brokered new approaches as he bravely broke down the barriers between media to grapple with and articulate ideas. An accomplished studio artist, his work challenged what we think we see using mirrors, sound, shadow, light, performance, video and ever-evolving technology as he reached beyond the known studio to embrace other media to grapple with ideas. As he blazed a path seeking to explore Intermedia, he laid the foundation for others to follow with their own questions and curiosity into what is now commonly known as Interdisciplinary Arts. Breder’s students and some-times collaborators included among others Ana Mendieta and Charles Ray, forever expanding the limits of what is considered art. Breder exhibited extensively from New York to Moscow, Mexico City to Japan, including MoMA, as the first video artist invited to participate in three Whitney Biennials. The breadth of his career can’t be captured in a few sentences. And thoughts about his work are best left to those who knew him best. A booklet has been created compiling words juxtaposed against images of artwork that appear in this exhibit. A limited number of copies are printed.

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