February 2024 | Light and Film | silver gelatin prints by Tim Schroll

Opening Reception: Thursday, February 1 5-7pm

On display until March 1

Made possible by the generous sponsorship of the Fort Madison law firm Fehseke and Gray.

The FMAAA is taking a deeper dive into photography of all flavors this year beginning with February’s Light and Film | Silver Gelatin Prints by Tim Schroll. The value of the captured image has become questioned in the age where everyone has access to a phone camera and our screen time can be filled with snapshots of others. We reconnect with this value when looking at the work of professional photographers, usually using cameras with lenses, who understand how to push these tools to capture something special. The lighting is superb. The depth-of-field is incomparable. The work is well composed, seeming to demand more attention in a single arresting glance, tugging imperceptibly at our emotions while inviting a closer look as we join in exploring that moment behind the lens.

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